Default PHP-FPM install Php7.3 on nginx

Please help me, when i choice install nginx with php-fpm, the default php installed and set as php7.3 when i install php7.4-fpm from setting (multiphp), auto apache installed and ioncube loader not worked…

I’m sorry, our crystall ball is currently under maintenance :slight_smile:. Joke beside: You give us way to less informations:

  1. PHP7.3 fpm is installed by default, this is true. You can expand it with php7.4 (or also other versions if you like)
  2. Auto apache2 installed, aswell true, it is the default, but apache2 uses the fpm backend to run php. You can adjust the install command to disable it.
  3. Ioncube loader not worked, depends on how you’ve installed it? :slight_smile:.

Here is for ionCube

ioncube loader installed successfully but not showing in php -v

installed with this-- bash -f --nginx yes --apache no --phpfpm yes --named yes --vsftpd yes --proftpd no --iptables no --fail2ban no --quota no --exim yes --dovecot yes --spamassassin no --clamav no --mysql yes -l en -s myserver -e my email -p my password

check if 00-ioncube-loader.ini exits in /etc/php/7.3/cli/conf.d

i’ve install php-fpm

Surjo you should use shared hosting. this worked on Vestacp but not work on hestiacp

Did you adjusted the php-fpm version?

not hestia, ioncube itself.


all setting are perfect but ioncube loader not showing on php -v

what’s mean by i used shared hosting???

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Then they are not perfect, if it doesnt show up :slight_smile:.

Have you checked the advice of @eris?

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ioncube does not automatically install if you add a new php version via panel. so after you added php 7.4 you might need to install ioncube for that version as well.

also keep in mind, that you will only see it via php -v if you added it to the cli config of php as well (which is different to fpm)

@Amadex means you’d probably be better off with using some shared hosting provider and not using your on server. please understand that at least HestiaCP is not the product that replaces linux administration knowledge. if you don’t know how to install ioncube correctly that’s fine. however we can’t teach you, as we rather expect our user to have that kind of knowlegde already :wink:

We even told him… How to install Ioncube…

Digitalocean provide shared hosting???

Nah, as far as I know they do not, but there are enough other hosters around the world you can checkout.

Hi surjo,
ada yang bisa di bantu ?
apakah masih ada masalah terkait IonCube nya ?

translate for another member :

Hi Surjo,
Anything I can help ?
Are you still have problems with the IonCube?