Default Proxy Templates

I can’t find descriptions of the differences between the three default Proxy Templates anywhere. Is this available somewhere or do you just have to work it out from looking at the files on disk?

default = “All non static files are send to apache”
hosting = Same as above
caching = “Proxy cache with Nginx”
Checks first if the file has been cached on the server. If not --> Send traffic to Apache.


Thank you, seems obvious once you say it.

Hosting is identical to default then? What’s the purpose of having it twice?

“History” / Old changes made in VestaCP

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Thanks :slight_smile:

finally, which is better, which server is faster?

It depends on your use case:

Default and Hosting are the same it doesn’t matter

Caching maybe faster or slower depending on your load and if it works

for low load, which one is recommended?

What about the different templates for nginx only?