Default SSH access is removed?

I have a question regarding creating a default user for my server via control panel. I can sign in using sftp using my user account but when I sign in using Putty, I put my username and password, the Putty session closes automatically?

Is terminal access disabled by default? I’m guessing thats for security purposes, but how can I enable it?

Edit user -> Ssh Access to bash

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Thank you. If SFTP is part of SSH, why can users still login via SFTP (SSH)? Is there a way to deny access via SFTP?

No you can’t disable sftp access unless you disable the port where ssh goes over (Default 22)

For SFTP we use by default a chroot envoirment therefore users are not allowed to view files outside there home dir. With the limitations within the protocol users are not able to execute any comand (Execpt upload / download files / chmod / chown / list)

It also have way more advantages using sftp over ftp as it is more secure…

With Shell access you are allowed to run commands and therefore making it less secure there for it is disabled by default

maybe to add to that: if you want to disable sftp access you can use denyusers or denygroups within your sshd_config. or just whitelist the ones to allow with allowusers. If you use that, I expect you to know, what you are doing - so no whining if you block yourself out :stuck_out_tongue:


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