Delete by default the automatic DNS generate when add a domain


I am working with a lot of alias in my hestia panel, more than 300 domains.
When I add a new alias domain generate automatic some DNS (5records: 2 NS type and 3 A type to @, ftp and www)

Now I go to point all the domains to a cloudflare DNS to have in Universal SSL for all and then in Cloduflare to mi IP hestia panel. All the DNS managemment stay now in Cloudflare and no need all the DNS by default install in Hestia when add a domain.

Have any possibility in hestia to no generate automatic DNS when add a new domain in the panel?


For UI don’t enable “Create DNS zone”

Via api

Call v-add-web-domain and v-add-mail-domain seperate

Sorry Eris,

Not referer to the main domain, it´s for the alias I add in this domain.
This screenshot. When add alias, automatic create 5 DNS

Captura de pantalla 2021-10-29 a las 14.25.03

Then delete the domain from DNS…

It should not update the DNS domain if the main domain is allready missing

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