Didn't receive email again

Hello I have 2 mail server in completely different vps.
1- eventntour.pp.ua, 2- roymokone.nom.za

From today I didn’t able to receive email in eventntour.pp.ua except from popular mail like Gmail, outlook, proton, etc but when I sen mail from less popular email like tutamail, or from my own other server using smtp brevo it get rejected I attached images of rejected report of mails by eventntour.pp.ua

And in roymokone.nom.za also the same if mail send from unpopular mail like tutamail or private mail using smtp brevo it rejected except popular mail like Gmail, outlook, proton or even smpt2go.

My server use public dns so I use some solution given in this forum like in :
eventntour.pp.ua I use this solution given by @sahsanu sir

And for roymokone.nom.za I use this solution given by @sahsanu sir

Also I use smtp relay in eventntour.pp.ua is smtp2go
And in roymokone.nom.za is brevo.

I use this setup quite long time this problem is arise just today please help.

Sir @eris I did this setup in past when I get the solution in this link

This time it’s different now it blocked by spamcop.

I want to know that this time really spamcop block this mails to deliver or just like previous it actually blocked because of my server but it says spamhaus like in this topic

Then is your ip blacklisted just use a smtp relay…

I already used smtp relay by brevo and smtp2go.
I don’t think the IP is blacklisted maybe the domains these company use will be blacklisted because only mail send from brevo smtp, and tuta mail didn’t delivered (blocked by spamcop) and others popular mail like Gmail, outlook, proton etc will delivered/received.
If it’s blocked by really by spamcop then I can’t do anything.
But if it’s just happen because of system settings then I requested your help.

I check now that all above mentioned ip really blacklisted by spamcop.
And everything is ok in my mail server.
Sorry I mistake this situation same as what happen to me in past where the mail blocked by my server but it show blocked by spamhaus,
This time it’s different hestia and mail server is working fine the mail blocked by spamcop.
Sorry I get panicked and without cross check in spamcop bl list I post it here.