Difficulty running cron jobs

Good evening! I have liked hestiacp a lot more now that I want to leave everything in a cloud I have the difficulty of running cron for my mautic system I do not know why it does not work someone could help me thank everyone’s understanding.

if my english is bad and i only speak portuguese

php /home/user/web/domain.com/public_html/mautic/bin/console mautic:segments:update

Should work

gratitude i will test it but i had already done it that way more it performs more does not work.
more I will test now here
I’ve almost put it all together.

php -q /home/admin/web/domin.com/public_html/bin/console mautic: segments: update --force

wget https://domain.com/[email protected]&task=mautic:integration:pushleadactivity --integration = XXX

php /home/admin/web/domin.com/public_html/bin/console mautic: segments: update

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