DigitalOcean Image in marketplace

As a DO long time user, is strange to see worse panels than HestiaCP allowed to have their image in marketplace, i was wondering what will take to have ‘‘our’’ panel in the marketplace.

Just a thought.

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Thanks for the hint, we currently focus ourself to the release of 1.2.0, followed by the website relaunch. But after all we probaly will contact DO and ask to list us.


It’s 2021, any update on this “marketplace” issue ?

Currently not, no. We still work on the website redesign.

I’m not current active customer of DO, but i was. I think that if there was available an image with HestiaCP… woooow, you must be prepared for an avalanche of new users and people asking in this forum. What it’s a doubled edged sword: greater community, but more newbies asking, hehehe.

So, choose well when to create that DO image :wink:

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I would do it now if I had the team’s blessing.
Greater community means more resources, more people helping one another in the forum, more pull requests from the community and maybe more active developers.


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