Directory permissions question

I noticed in a default installation of Hestia, that permissions for items in the public_html folder are set to 644 (files) and (755) folders. Would it be “better” for this to be 640 and 750 to prevent users from seeing other user configuration files? I.e., if a hestia user knows the path to /home/user/web/ then they would effectively have access to user credentials of another user’s WordPress database?

I’m not using Hestia in a “shared hosting” capacity; but curious if setting 640 and 750 respectively would disrupt current functionality?

By default users don’t have read permissions to other files

For example:

jaap@monitor:/home/eris$  cat /home/client/web/
cat: /home/client/web/ Permission denied

It has been arranged by setflac.

Only exception is the hestia “admin” user the can read other user files…

admin@monitor:/home/eris$  cat /home/client/web/
 * The base configuration for WordPress

As we run php under the user it should be also no issue even open base dir is way to open… For example /

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