Disable cron logs

i have installed matomo and enable cron archive, but every hour i get logs from this jobs
any ideas how to disable that?
thank you

anyone? please

Screenshot 2022-03-16 at 21.37.47

Is matomo easy to install? I am about to try it with the idea of using it massively.w

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I had the same idea and it looks very easy! Installing Matomo User Guide - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Is very easy to install Matomo, just create db and install. I recommended

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I’ve been using Matomo since the days it was called Piwik. I recommend it too.

And want do you recommend:
Only one instance per server or one instance per domain…

I have it as one instance per server, since it is not tracking ultra high traffic domains.

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I have never used Matomo, besides privacy, what advantages does it have over Google Analytics?

Not sharing the data with Google…

Not having to use third-party cookies so - no need for cookie notice in some cases in the European Union

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That is helpful, thanks!

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