Disable SSH on Server

Hi, I’m a little bit paranoid, so I’d always disable SSH on my server

But, if I add a new user in HestiaCP, the SSH suddenly listening again.

Is it possible to disabled SSH while using HestiaCP?

Thank you for your help and answer.

I think for creating a new user it need to reload the sftp jail. With disabling SSH. SFTP and File manager will also stop

SSH is considered an safer system then FTP but to lock it down SSH try this:

PasswordAuthentication no

Forces users to use ssh keys (Set them up for your self and keep a backup)

PermitRootLogin yes

Disables root login. Create an user and give him full sudo right (Make sure it is not an Hestia user)

And change port to an random port that is not in use… And allow only access from your ip / ip range and you should be fine


Thank you for your answer, I will do it.

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I also change the ssh port.

I thought about a port 22 honeypot to just ban in fail2ban everything trying to connect to port 22

I’d already did everything but failed in changing SSH Port. After I changed it, I can’t connect via SSH anymore.

I don’t have UFW, so I installed it and register new port, still nothing happened, stuck in Port 22.

UFW + Iptables should not used togetter… You can add an ip / port via /edit/server/firewall

Ok, I will delete UFW. Thank you.

Thx eris, my problems solved.

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I have a new issue, after sucesfully change the ssh port, now I can’t access File Manager, Unknown Error.

Changed SSH Port and now I can not use the file manager any more

SSH port is loaded in a PHP Session.
Logout and Login will reset the Sessions

I read it, I’d reboot the VPS but still error, did I missed something?

Problems solved after I changed the user ssh nologin into bash.

Is it the true solution, right?

I have a new issue, while login with user, File Manager can access root folder.

bash will mean user isn’t limited to the sftp chroot an users are able to read the full root. chroot is currently only active with shell as no login

But if I set nologin to user, I can’t access the File Manager, it’s Unknown Error.

Found the problem, no need to manually add “AllowUsers user”, this is the problem.

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