Disabled email when installed, how do I enable again?

I removed the choice for email in the installation but now I regret my choice and want to recieve emails

Probaly reinstall the server is the fastest way, take a backup, reinstall, restore backup.

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Is there another way?

You could read the source code of the installer and attempt to execute all of the relevant actions in it manually and hope that you dont miss anything. It is likely to be considerably more difficult and error prone than making a backup, reinstalling with your desired options, and restoring the backup.

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Any recommedations on what email services I need for hestia notification and password resets. Maybe also if I plan on using it for WordPress?

You only need outbound email for the use cases you described.

The only one that I would consider to be the server operator’s responsibility is the HestiaCP related emails such as notifications and password recovery.

WordPress should be sending email through the site owner’s own transactional email service account via an HTTPS API.

Because I would like to send the email with the same domain and does not need to be the same subdomain tho, but I am a little confused on how I would do this.

Clearly. You should be able to find information on configuring HestiaCP to relay using a smarthost. I recommend against allowing your client sites to use that service unless you configure it with a unique API key per client to allow for granular abuse mitigation. It is better to disallow the use of a webserver for email relay.