Dkim=fail (signature did not verify)

Since I have been using hestiacp with the default configurations, I am having problems reaching GMAIL, in the mxtools tests everything is correct but gmail always sends them to me as spam. From what I have been able to see, the DKIM marks me failed, in vestacp this did not happen to me

In thunderbird, my email or sender used to appear in the participant column and now it is empty.

The DKIM error: dkim = fail (signature did not verify)

If you need more information so that you can help me, I would appreciate it

DKIM Signature will usualy be provided working out of the box, as soon as you add a maildomain over hestia - in case you’re using hestia as dns server. If not, you’ll need to add the dkim txt records to your provider.

Also it will probaly not be an issue of DKIM only - we’ve aswell problems sending mails to providers like google or microsoft - even when I’ve got two long trusted ips which I send only valid traffic over it, I’ll get “spamboxed” from time to time.

There was also a discussion in our discord chat group, where you can get further details from:

I use external dns and I have published the TXT of the dkim and the mxtools tests give me the correct ones
So it is not a configuration error but the gmail itself that classifies them as spam? what I don’t understand how before migrating from vestacp to hestiacp it didn’t happen to me …

Did you changed the ip address due to the migration?

no, the ip is the same
What if it has changed that vestacp was with CentOS and hestiacp with Debian 10 and everything by default, I have not changed anything in the configuration

Sounds weird, I don’t know if you catched the discord chat above, but mail handling is anyway a bit “special”. If mxtoolbox shows the dkim as valid, it should be aswell valid for google - can’t help you out here.

Thank you very much for everything, I will see how to solve it by google

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