DNS and Namservers

Hi, i just installed hestiacp and i did this:

add new user and add domain mydomain.com with dns zone
created on the dns zone two a records with ns1 and ns2 with vps ip and one dns with hcp.mydomain.com
created two namservers ns1 and ns2 on the domain registrar with the vps ip and set the namservers with i just created.

But the website its not working what i did wrong?

I have couple questions.

1.Describe little more detail how you setup your name servers?
2. Have you setup rDNS with your VPS cloud server?

  1. I created webdomain in hestia with dns zone and 4 records:
    ns1 and ns2 A record
    ns1 ans ns2 NS record
    Also created two ns on domain registrar and seted as default namservers.

  2. I donw know how to setup rdns.

What is the domain name?

proinstal.ga this is the domain where i try to use own nameservers.
also i use another domain with cloudflare ns,dns and work very well.