DNS Cluster Master -> Slave does not create entries for Cyrillic domains

Hello. I found a small bug with the DNS Cluster Master → Slave. When adding a site with a Cyrillic name, the master DNS (in the panel) is created correctly, and DNS records are not created on the slave servers.

Please share the domain with the issue

Also what DNS zone mode is de cluster conffigered?

I set it up according to the instructions DNS clusters and DNSSEC | Hestia Control Panel

Latin domain names are successfully created on slave servers. But domains that require punycode are not created.

v-sync-dns-cluster ns1.creakit.ru
Error: Invalid key value format [DOMAIN=$‘\321\204\320\260\320\261\321\200\320\270\320\272\320\260-\321\202\320\260\320\275\321\206\320\260.\321\200\321\204’]