DNS Cluster supply the user variable

Hello Guys!

I want to create DNS Cluster with user variable.

The manual states


I create on the Slave DNS user in control panel “dns-newhost”

I issue a command on the master DNS

v-add-remote-dns-host 77.83.. admin p4sw0rd dns-newhost

I receive an error message

Error: dns-newhost type is invalid

Dear colleagues, please tell me what I’m doing wrong.
Why am I following the instructions and getting an error.
Please tell me where I violated the understanding of the essence

v-add-remote-dns-host 77.83.. admin p4sw0rd api dns-newhost

will update the docs

Now an error is returned:

"/usr/local/hestia/func/remote.sh: line 50: return: Error:: numeric argument required
“Error: api connection to 77.83.. failed”

I go to the slave dns control panel and in the settings
“Server Settings - Security” I check

API - Enable API Access - Yes

Allowed IP for API, 1 IP address per line

Add IP address Master DNS

From the console Master DNS I run the command
v-add-remote-dns-host 77.83.. 8083 admin p4sw0rd api dns-host

"/usr/local/hestia/func/remote.sh: line 50: return: Error:: numeric argument required
“Error: api connection to 77.83.. failed”

I will be grateful please tell me the solution

v-add-remote-dns-host $server $port “$accesskey” “” api ‘hestiatest’

Should work fine.

What happens if connect via the api to list the user?

Upload this:

To the master server and provide the “details” of the slave…

I have to create a file on the master server, in the root folder of any domain on this server, with the html extension and then access this file directly?

Then return the response data

If I understand correctly, please confirm

Upload the file with api.php

Then visit the file https://domain.com/api.php and enter the requested data. it will then return the user list

Hi guys!

After the reboot, everything immediately began to work as it should be according to this instruction

In the user account in the DNS MENU section, entries appeared DNS Master server

Everything is great


I have successfully added IP`s NS1 NS2 records to the registrar and the domain has been delegated to these DNS

Previously, an attempt to delegate was returned with a message about the absence of records on the NS2 server

So practice confirms that everything works successfully!

Thanks again

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