DNS Configuration

I’ve got a question about DNS configuration. I’m using DigitalOcean and have installed Hestia. I would normally set up the DNS records for domain.com in DigitalOcean, but as my knowledge grow I think I should configure them in the Hestia panel.

Once I ask about LE certificate with wildcard which could not be validated because I was using external DNS. If I setup the DNS in the Hestia panel…

1- Will wildcard certificate validation succeed?
2- The Use Lets Encrypt to obtain SSL certificate option will request a Wildcard Certificate?

And finally if I use the DNS configuration in Hestia, could I leave the ns1.digitailocean.com on my domain delegation or should I change it to something like ns1.domain.com (the ones configured in the Hestia panel)

Hi @sebasira

For dns cluster you’ll find here a lot of useful informations: Hestia and DNS management?

Basicly, yes, but do not know if the publishing tine gets properly honored - on v-script way of dns cluster, they get synced every 5 minutes.

Yes, if you use a *.domain.tld record as alias, it will request a wildcard certificate for it.

If you plan to install such a setup, please hold us up to date.