DNS Expiration Date

Why are there expiration dates for DNS? What happens when they DO expire? I don’t want my dns entries to expire at all, so while I could set a super far date in the future, that seems unnecessary… Am I misunderstanding something?

Expiration date is for the domain name and serves as reminder for renewal. As you can see it gets set one year into the future.

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So it’s effectively just a cosmetic piece? The dns entry won’t be removed?

yes, that’s correct .

Hi @Lupu,
i am lost with this part where on Hestia i can see the exipration date?.
i have ver 1.1.0 installed and not see this option.

on the DNS tab, last column on the right:

It is just a column with the time and date or it will send some reminder?
if it will send some reminder maybe is better add this field writable when add the WEB. till now the date of the reminder is not true maybe we buy domain.tls on 01-01-2020 and i add it on Hestia 02-02-2020 so not is true expiration date.

If the idea is send reminder when domain will expire then that need more job.
for example

When new domain not sub domain is added like domain1.tld one check mark “Do you want receive email reminder before your domain expire?” if check mark is checked the allow to insert the true date by default it has “TODAY” date but allow to change it.

The expiration date field (editable) is available when adding/editting DNS domain, not the WEB


I use that information along with a custom made shell script to send automated email reminders about the expiration of the hosting :wink: