DNS Punycode domains

An error occurs for domains with “ñ” characters or similar

  1. SSL certificate is not generated
    Error: DNS record for www.lavozdelamañanapuertomorelos.com doesn’t exist

  2. In the configuration of the affected account >> DNS, the list of DNS settings is not shown, although the records do exist (with the admin account I can see them in /etc/bind/named.conf)


OS: Debian 10.8 (x86_64)
HestiaCP 1.3.3 - Standard installation (Apache + Nginx)

Everything else works perfectly

Does anyone know where I could solve this?

Thanks in advance

Hi @aliass,

This is a known issue and we’re working on a fix for the next major release (1.4.0).


Thank you for attending me and for your time

One more question, I have removed unsupported domains, I have also manually removed unsupported DNS records

Finally I have reboot the server, but I still see 31 records and I have 27 domains and in the configuration of the damaged account the error still persists (you cannot see the DNS configuration list)

Please try listing them in command line:

v-list-dns-domains should give you a list…

Thanks for the reference … solved with

v-delete-dns-domain USERNAME DOMAIN

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