Dns record not working (bind9)

I finally got almost everything working after the 3rd install. But now dns isn’t working right I keep getting error: dns record doesn’t exist. Could it be how Netplan.io is set up. I upload some images for what’s happening.

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 3.11.14 PM
Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 3.12.40 PM

If you are using openvz bind9 will network

I add some pictures and I am currently using hostinger for a cloud server. I checked they do note *All our VPS plans are based on OVZ virtualization technology.

  • NOTE: Hestia Control Panel in combination with OpenVZ 7 or lower might have issue Bind9 server not starting or issues with Firewall. If you use a Virtual Private Server we strongly advice you to use something based on KVM or LXC!

I found a provider that use KVM so will probably switch to them. If this provider works I will reference it here for other people to know where they can install Hestia.