DNS records format

In v-add-dns-record there is example:

info: add dns record


example: v-add-dns-record admin acme.com www A

Good, my turn to test this:

v-add-dns-record 'user' 'acme.tld' 'www' 'CNAME' 'acme.tld' 'no' 'no' 'no' 3600

Receiving error:

Error: invalid id format :: no

Why is this error shows up? New record does not have any ID, so I choose to not pass it, therefor there is ‘no’.

Priority must me a number, id must be a number or left empty tel must be an number…

Yea, just passed ‘’ and it worked.

One more question:

When I add or modify DNS records I do this by deleting all old records and creating new ones. For some reason this type of record get duplicate:

@ A 14400

Is this because it is considered to “critical” and hestia won’t delete it?

v-change-dns-record if I am right

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