DNS records needed

Just installed Hestia for learning and fun :smiley:
I cann’t find a listing of dns records needed in case of using registar/provider dns. I’m using Digital Ocean and so far I’ve created:
A domain.tld
A www.domain.tld
A webdomain.domain.tld
A mail.domain.tld
MX mail.domain.tld

Would I need more?

This should be the minimum.

You will also need an spf record if you want to send mail from it.

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Thanks a lot!
I’ve just realize I can add the domain in DNS and replicate what is added by hestiacp.

Would be a problem to keep both records, mine and my provider?

Probaly not, but if you have an external provider, there is no need to keep them local.

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Perfect! Thanks a lot!

Does using a local not make DKIM key generation and letsencrypt authentication easier? Then DKIM key can be replicated to the DNS provider.