DNS sync with cloudflare

How can i sync DNS records with Cloudflare using API

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You can’t

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Yes you can. Someone needs to code it though.
There are many who’ve succeeded in doing this using their api. You just need to cronjob updates using a token with the right credentials for each domain for which you use cloudflare dns.
Here’s an example use-case; GitHub - fire1ce/DDNS-Cloudflare-Bash: Cloudflare DDNS bash Script for most Linux distributions and MacOS. Choose any source IP address to update external or internal (WAN/LAN). Cloudflare's options proxy and TTL configurable via the parameters.

And for now, the main question I have is:

  • What do you do if you use cloudflare for hosting your DNS records?
    Do you Enable or Disable DNS system in hestia? I seem to have disabled it long ago, but now after every hestia update I get:

Error: DNS_SYSTEM is not enabled

whenever I add new alias domains etc.

We are open source feel fee to commit an PR or fund the development for it…

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