Do CLI commands only run for root user

I want to clear the fast-cgi cache from the ssh command line. I can do this without difficulty if I log in as root and issue the command

v-delete-fastcgi-cache user

However, if I log in as another ssh user (with sudo privileges) and type

v-delete-fastcgi-cache user

I get the error “user user doesn’t exist”. If I type

sudo v-delete-fastcgi-cache user

I get the error “sudo: v-delete-fastcgi-cache: command not found”.

Does this mean that I can only run this (and other CLI commands?) as root user? I have checked the file permissions, and although the file /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-delete-fastcgi-cache belongs to the root user, its permissions allow any user to execute it (755).

I would actually like to execute this command from a php script, so I should imagine that doing that would require being able to execute it as another user other than root.

Any guidance would be appreciated!


Root is required

Thank you, @eris, that is helpful.

Following on from that, I would like to ask which user the nginx server runs under. What I am thinking of, is if I run a php script under some domain, will it be able to access these cli commands via the api?

You can all it via the the API it should work fne

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Thank you, @eris.

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