Do I need to set up DNS inside HestiaCP?

hi, I am using Hestia to deploy a WordPress site, I don’t use any Cloudflare products.
Maybe later I will use Cloudflare CDN, then nothing special.
I am not sure if it is necessary to set up DNS inside HestiaCP?

It depends if you can use the domain provider dns services some provide such versions :slight_smile:

If you plan on using Cloudflare’s CDN in the future, you’re most likely going to have to set up DNS from within Cloudflare as well. That is, unless your domain provider is a Cloudflare-certified hosting partner or if you plan on becoming a Cloudflare Business customer and implementing a partial CNAME setup.

Does it mean that I need not set up DNS in HestiaCP?

Depends on your goal. If you’re fine without Cloudflare (or DNS in Hestia), I’d stick with the current setup.

Thanks, my site is fine without DNS setup in Hestia, so I won’t want to change anything currently

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