Does Hestia have built-in functionality to optimize database?

I have used Hestia for a while and really like it.
Today I found an article on Google, WordPress sites needs to optimize database regularly.
But the way mentioned in that article is to use commands, I am not familiar with commmand lines.
Does Hestia have built-in functionality to optimize database?

No. It does not. HestiaCP is not a replacement for knowing how to manage a website or a server.

Then running your own Linux server is going to be a lot harder for you than it is for those who are comfortable on the command line. Hopefully you have found some suitable resources to help you learn the essentials.

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When runing those commands, do I need to run them in root?

Assuming you mean as root rather than in root (since it is unclear what you may mean by that), then, no, you absolutely should not run wp-cli as root. It will helpfully inform you of that if you try. It does need to be run by a user with appropriate file system permissions for the site you are managing.

When you find commands that you want to run on a recurring basis, you can look into adding them to the system cronjobs for the appropriate user.

You may find the following two forums useful to help you with your questions that are not specific to HestiaCP.

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