Does hestia support only 1 backup?

Hello, can i not make more than 1 backup? I upload another backup in FTP directory of backup but i cannot see it hestia admin panel and restore it.

Just adjust the default package (ubder user -> edit plans) and set whatever amount of backups you want :slight_smile:.

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If you can’t see on the web interface the backup file you uploaded, you can restore it manually on the command line with v-restore-user [USER] [BACKUP-FILE]

If the file url is

is following command correct?

v-restore-user admin

I took it for granted that you uploaded the backup file to the correct directory /backup, because this is where backup files go according to the documentation I linked to. But it seems you uploaded the file somewhere else. In you case I think the correct command line needs to be:
v-restore-user [USER] /home/[]/web/

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