Does my VPS must have Exim to send mail?

When installing HestiaCP on my VPS I choose to ignore EXIM, Dovecot, Named, FTP and Apache to get best server perfomance.

I am using Mailpoet plugin as the third-party SMTP service to send emails from my websites to clients as well as system email.

But, I did not receive any email when testing the system, all email configurations are correct

So, the question is: Do I have to install EXIM or something else to get the email working?

Thank you!

It depends how mail poet connects to the 3rd party smtp service.

Thanks, @eris for the quick reply

I am using Mailpoet sending service, screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot

Also which port needs to be open for email can be sent?

Hestia doesn’t block any outgoing port. It might be done by your provider.

I think the best thing is to contact mailpoet support…