Dokuwiki Quick app error bug

Tried to install dokuwiki but got this.

Error: source directory /home/public_html/tmp-dokuwiki/dokuwiki-2023-04-04/. doesn’t exist

Did find it was named /dokuwiki-2023-04-04a/ on server. A quick solution was just to rename it to the above and redo install.

just want to report bug, new here so sorry it its wrong place :slight_smile:

hcp v1.8.4

Please create a issue report, we’ll get that solved: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

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I have no Idea about git. May be some people who are proficient with git and github will create issue report.

You don’t need to have any knowledge in git itself, just a user account - to report an issue, its basicly just a webform :slight_smile:.