Domain alias in main domain

I noticed that when creating any domain by any user, an alias was added in the main domain of the server.

Is this an option or a bug? And can this behavior be disabled?

Please explain?

There should never be an alias added to the main domain.

Added “” domain as an example -
аlias “” automatically created.

( - domain where the panel is located)

Strange it should not happen. Are you using a custom template + .sh that creates it on default?

No, the template is default, which was when the panel was installed.

This “option” appeared after the sites were transferred to a new server. But I just installed the panel and deployed the sites from the backup.

If I remember correctly, I have seen this happening when there is a domain set in Assigned Domain in Settings (cog icon at top right) > Configure > Network > Click on the IP. Clear the contents of that field and restore a user from backup again, to see if this resolves the problem.


Thanks, this works for me.
It was enough to remove the domain from the IP settings. Nothing more.

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