Domain (dns) control


Need some clarification. So far ive setup:

Debian12 droplet with hestiacp.

I’ve used the vanity nameserver setup per digitalocean’s guide (which sucks honestly, im used to having up to 10 ipv4 addreses per vps),

All works well but im trying to figure out 2 things:

– Is there a way control dns for the main domain i use as hostname for hestiacp?

– Now i’ve changed the nameservers for a second domainname. I changed them to
These are pointing to digital ocean nameserver ip’s true glue records (as per vanity nameserver guide). so far it seems they’re not being picked up correctly (stuck on 7 locations)

I really like to control dns for all my domains within HestiaCP. Honestly i don’t really understand what i’m actually doing with the vanity nameservers, this is new to me.

Hope someone went down the same route as im taking now.

Thanks in advance!