Domain doesn't work with "WWW", only without

Hi guy.

First of all, Im kind of new in the server and hosting world, so Im sorry for this silly question.

I use the hosting server DigitalOcean, and Ive created a new working area with a new server, switching from Ubuntu 14 to Ubuntu 20.04.

Becouse of that, I needed to change my control panel from Vesta to Hestia.

Until now, the biggest problem its that my website stoped working with the WWW prefix, only without.

The interface of the Hestia is a little bit different from Vesta, and I dont know what I have done wrong.

Here is the two images from the configuration:

When I access my website with the prefix WWW I get this page:

# Success!
Your new web server is ready to use.

Someone can help me please?


Auto www doesn’t get added if you are using a format domain. Add www alias under alias and it should work.

Known issue

Thank you for the answer, but can you be more specific please?

Where is this alias page?

Again, thank you so much!

[EDITED] Forget it, I DID IT!!!

Thank you so much, I found how add this alias.


If you go to Edit web domain you can add / remove / modify a alias

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