Domain with no SSL

I’ve been running into a problem with setting up domains, then installing the website ready for switching the DNS over / then generating SSL certs in… well, about the last year?

Seems no matter what i do i just cant get whats saved in the public_html (or public_htmls) directory to be served when an SSL certificate isn’t configured. it always shows the “Success! Your new web server is ready to use.” page. No way to test if the website has migrated correctly before the real world DNS switch happens.

Am I missing something? is there a way to ensure the websites will be served if there is an SSL or not?

This should do the job

Ahhhh you’ve set me in the right direction. There is no way to generate a Lets Encrypt SSL cert as the domain isn’t connected to the hosting yet, but i can generate a self signed cert to kick the hosting into working, and once i’m happy and point the domain onto the new hosting i can go back to generate the Lets Encrypt cert. Kinda obvious now i think about it!

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