Dot Net core with MySQL

Hello Community,

I am curios if its possible to host a site/app developed with DotNet core + MySQL and manage it with Hestiacp.

Anybody here done this with Hestiacp?

I’ve never tried, but if you can setup dotnet core with nginx (or getting it working with), it also should be possible to run it with hestia (if you create a proper template).

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I have an application running on hestia that uses NET Core 6.0 with Blazor + MySQL using nginx.


Thats great to hear :grinning:

I suppose you installed dotNet core package on top of hestia then created a template?

Could you please explain how did you accompalish this.

That’s right, I have installed the dotnet packages (you can optionally install the framework), then create a template and modify the general nginx configuration.

On target linux-64, if you publish as “Complete” (not as Framework Dependent) you don’t need the dotnet packages

Thank you ablanco, I’m triying to do it too.

Can you shortly explain your configuration ?

  • Created new domain ?
  • Uploaded webapp / +chmod + permission ?
  • Created the systemd entry to run webapp as a daemon ?
  • Create reverse proxy nginx config ?

So for starting/stopping the webapp, do you use the “system services” panel ?