Doveconf: Warning: service anvil

service auth { client_limit=1000 } is lower than required under max. load (900300)

Warning: service anvil { client_limit=1000 } is lower than required under max. load (900303)

Please help how increase and fix it.


Edit file /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf and add default_client_limit directive with the required number. 900300 seems a really high number.

Example using 2500 as default client limit:

protocols = imap pop3
listen = *, ::
base_dir = /run/dovecot/
login_greeting = Mail Delivery Agent
default_client_limit = 2500
!include conf.d/*.conf
!include_try conf.d/domains/*.conf

Restart dovecot:

systemctl restart dovecot
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now coming other warning

Warning: fd limit (ulimit -n) is lower than required under max. load (65535 < 900303), because of default_client_limit

How can fix it now? please help

systemctl edit --full dovecot

And replace:




Save the file and restart dovecot:

systemctl restart dovecot

But again, 900303 is a really huge limit.


After fixing the issues.

now webmail.domain not working

showing default page


Your new web server is ready to use.

Did you add a mail domain an assigned the webmail?

Yes, we have multiples address created and also created new one. But still same issues

Please, tellme what is your actual domain (if you don’t want to show it in public, send me a private message).

Show the output of these commands:

Note: replace YourUser and YourDomain with the real data.

v-list-mail-domain YourUser YourDomain json
cat /home/YourUser/conf/mail/YourDomain/nginx.conf
cat /home/YourUser/conf/mail/YourDomain/nginx.ssl.conf

Error: mail domain buyabottle doesn’t exist

You must use the domain with tld (top level domain), I guess it is

yes, all top level domain

how we can fix the webmail login problems?

Replying to my requests would be a great start :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to be clear, if your user is for example nazmul and your domain is I need to view the output of these commands:

v-list-mail-domain nazmul json
cat /home/nazmul/conf/mail/
cat /home/nazmul/conf/mail/

All working perfectly now. Thank you so much.

You are welcome.

It would be good to know what you did so others with the same issue could solve it.


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