Duplicate login in the ftp user name

When creating an FTP login, it is added to the Hestia login. If you try to change the FTP password, the Hestia username will be added to the FTP login twice. For example, the username in Hestia was u7. Adding an FTP user with the ftp login (the final login is u7_ftp). In the edit line of the FTP account, just “ftp” should be displayed without the Hestia username “u7_”. But the user name is displayed with the prefix - “u7_ftp”. If you now try to change the password, we get an FTP user with the username “u7_u7_ftp”. Now to change the password, you first have to delete the FTP account and create it again. This is clearly visible in the screenshot. Hestia version 1.3.3

This is a known issue and has been fixed in 1.4.0. We plan to release it around next week.


My hestia version: 1.3.4

But the error still exists, now it can be added and deleted. But the listing is still duplicated.

I know 1.3.4 was security patch. 1.4.0 will fix the issues


I have the same problem as well. Would anyone have an idea on how to resolve this manually?

Thanks a lot in advance!


As written above multiple times, fixed in main branch, will be released with 1.4.0 :slight_smile: .

Yes, I get that. I was just wondering if there is anything I can do now to correct it now? Maybe through a command line?

Just checking if it’s at all possible. Thanks!

To fix the bug you need to go through the main branch, find the affected files and apply the bug fix. If that’s too complicated, then the other alternative is to wait for the new release :wink:

If you mean to bypass the problem temporarily (change the FTP password without the bug affecting the username), maybe you could completely delete the FTP account and create it again with the changed password. Warning: I haven’t tried this myself.

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That is actually the first thing I did but I’m getting an error – the user does not exist.


I see… In that case, the best thing you can do is to stop using the admin account! :frowning: Create a new user account and transfer everything (web domain, database, etc) in the new user account. The admin account should never be used to host domains.


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