Email Accounts GUI Management ( via GUI based Menu/Panel/Controller/Editor )

Dear Hestia Team

I’d like to ask for help (as well as request for addition feature in the future) which I believe would be very helpful for all of us the general users, which is a ‘menu/panel’ to control/edit/manage all of the emails which are availbale/created in our server domain(s).

Currently I notice that we can only ‘create new emails’ the the button/menu/panel ‘Add Mail Account’ , but after createion we can’t modify/delete/edit/even check what emails are available.

[ Except maybe by using some ‘CLI’ which is quite difficult/troublesome for most ordinary users’ ]

I am attaching some example from Cpanel for illutrative purpose. generally i think HestiaCP is pretty good, though it would be better f some ‘small features’ like the one I asked here can be implemented.

[Or maybe there is already some hidden menu which I am not aware, please advice. it would be greatly appreciated. ]

I’m a personal user with some understanding of basic level about linux & control panel , I am simply trying to learn manage simple servers for my domains with using the FOSS(open source based) panel. My basic usage are simply : domain/website (multiple domain & subdomains) , and email management (for some of those domains/subdoms).

Last but not least, I’d like to express my appreciation for the Hestia Team/community which has made this CP(Control Panel) accessible for us.

Thank you and best regards.

HI guys, I finally found it, the menu is ‘hidden’ neatly, and will only be shown after we ‘mouse click’ [‘Click Trigger’] on the “domain name” column area. I am providing 2 pictures showing before clicking (click on the RED dot)), and after clicking

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