Email admin if mail rate limit is reached

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to figure out a way to get alerted if any domain or email account is reaching the deny threshold established on Exim. Is there any way to receive that alert?

TL;DR: I am looking for a similar capability as Plesk has to alert admins if a domain is blocked due to email rate limits.


There’s nothing “easy” that will accomplish this. I use a script runnin on cron to monitor log files for keywords I’m interested in and send me notifs via discord webhook.

Here’s some links to help you if you wanted to go that route


Thanks, Fawwal, but I guess we’re talking about different things. The shared links aim to alert if a domain or IP is being listed as a spammer, which is not what I’m looking for.

On Exim, you define the max amount of email per hour a domain can send, as well as the max rate per mailbox. I would like to receive an alert if either of those two limits are being reached.

Plesk has this feature, and it’s pretty interesting to figure out if some mailboxes have been compromised.


Yes, I’m sorry, there’s nothing built into exim, or hestia that will accomplish this ( to my knowledge )

but one could create a script, that runs periodically on cron that greps exim logs for a keyword like “rate-limit” If I’m not mistaken exim will log that into the error log. I’m just not sure the exact syntax


The links would help you build the script that would accomplish what you’re looking for. Changing what you’re searching for in what log will change the purpose of the script.

Good luck!


I’m afraid I can’t help here, I don’t know whether there is a way to use Exim directly to perform the required actions so the only way I can think is what @Fawwal already said, to make a script to monitor exim log files and perform the required actions.

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