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I have been using this control panel for some testing. I have to say this software is coming along quite nicely. His well thought out.

I have been in the web hosting business for quite sometime. CPanel is the Cadillac of all control panels however I feel that they are completely greedy in the amount of money that they charge. I understand software being a software engineer myself is quite costly to maintain.

So I have turned to using this project. I like it I love it I want more of it. I’ve donated to the project.

The reason I’m here today is to ask that the engineers of this the software put in more grainy and control over the email portion of the software.

Like cPanel I as an administrator of the company can go in and look at the inboxes to make sure that everything is to the company standards as far as communication is concerned.

With this software there is no way to do this or at least I cannot find the way to go in and look at each individual inboxes without having to know the password.

Due to privacy, we do not want to implement such a feature. As example, you also can’t login as the user on Office365/Exchange Online. So from our side, we do not want to implement such a feature, as it also needs a big rewrite of some parts.

It also has been discussed on github a while ago, but I cant remember the issue nr. rn.

Thank you


PHPmyadmin has been implemented because I was search all the time for the database passwords…

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