Email Folders acces with WinSCP

Hi everyone.

Anywone knows where are the folders i create on emails from hestia webmail roundscube.
I acces my server with WinSCP with root acces i can see the domains and emials but cant see all the folders i have created.
I cant see sent items.
I cant see the new folder i create.

I am trying to transfer some emails.



Hi eris, thanks for your reply, of that local part i see only the emails i have created, and inside those folders i see:

cur → that is inbox folder
new–> dosent know
temp–> dosent know


Your email folder names start with a . in the filesystem which makes them hidden by default. If you run ls -a from a shell, you will see them. You will have to check WinSCP for an appropriate setting. I haven’t used it in years, nor ever had the need to view dot files with it, so I can’t provide application specific guidance.


Hello @juxhin20,

As @linkp already said, you cannot view them because those are hidden folders/files, use Ctrl+Alt+H in WinSCP to show/hide hidden files.



Thank you very mutch :smiley:

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