Email server migration to Amazon SES

Hi, I want to migrate the email server from Hestia host to Amazon SES due to below two reasons:

  1. ClamAv and other email related stack consumes more resources on my limited VM server causing performance issues. Hence main server Maintenence becomes challenging.
  2. I think SES have higher mail delivery success rate.

I need help with below issues:

  1. How to cleanly turn off mail server and remove MX records from my domains.

  2. For one of the prime domains, I accidently created a subdomain as mail.<>. How to cleanly remove it so that mail server works fine as the A record which got created on mail subdomain creation is interfering with MX DNS record and hence Amazon SES is in confusion state for it to verify the domain MX record.

Amazon SES is only for sending email…

Not for receiving it. So everything still needs to remain

If you have create a web domain for just remove it. Mail domain make sure to create

Then go to “Edit” → Advanced and SMTP relay and enter the data…