Email triggering issue

I need to know how to make changes in mail server to send emails only using the authenticated email address in hosted application. For example, If I hosted a application it need to send mails only from the email address specified in MAIL_USERNAME.

Thanks in advance.

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Please explain.

Simple create a email adress in Hestia to use for that …

if we setup email server in hestiacp using below details,
[email protected]
FROM_EMAIL= [email protected]

when we trigger email from our application using above smtp crdential we can send email.
but if we change FROM_EMAIL addrees like [email protected](other mails) we can also send mail to client email address.client can receive email from
[email protected] want to deny this emails triger, we want only trigger email from our smtp setup mail adrees([email protected]) because if someone use these credentials to send emails,
they can trigger emails like a someone else’s email(like google, facebook etc).

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@eris previously I mentioned about the same issue.

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