Email Triggering Problem

if we setup email server in hestiacp using below details,
[email protected]
FROM_EMAIL= [email protected]

when we trigger email from our application using above smtp crdential we can send email.
but if we change FROM_EMAIL addrees like [email protected](other mails) we can also send mail to client email address.client can receive email from
[email protected] want to deny this emails triger, we want only trigger email from our smtp setup mail adrees([email protected]) because if someone use these credentials to send emails,
they can trigger emails like a someone else’s email(like google, facebook etc).

Good question, I don’t know enough about this topic but I think you have to search in the direction of Exim. A quick search on Google will show me some options in the exim router.

But for this there are the DNS records DKIM, DMARC and SPF to protect the domain from being used by an unauthorized servers.

And I think that if it is possible Hestia already takes care.
The devs of Hestia put a lot of effort in security in my opinion.