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Hey guys,

What’s the proper way to configure this setup? We use Google’s gsuite mx in our dns for an email but we want to be able to run a seperate email system with hestia/roundcube. Cloudflare grabbed the correct dns entries initially for gsuite to work but still having issues receiving mail through roundcube. I can however send emails fine to non gmail addresses for now i think.

Yes it is possible

  1. Create an A record Name mail and point it to your server ip

  2. Create an A record Name webmail and point it to your server ip

  3. MX record point Name and point it to

  4. TXT record with name and value

    “v=spf1 a mx ip4:serverip ~all”

The MX record needs to be DNS only and I advise it do the same for

Wait a few minutes and it should work

If you would like to use webmail make sure that both subdomains are created
( and

I’m not sure what exactly you’re trying to achieve, but be VERY CAREFUL if you don’t want to risk losing e-mail.

If you are currently hosting your email at Gmail (with a GSuite subscription) then you’ll have to choose between keeping it there and moving it to your own (Hestia) mail server. There can be some mix-and-match, e.g. you could be storing your mailboxes on the Hestia server but route your outgoing email via Gmail “smarthost” (to achieve better deliverability).

But keep in mind that nowadays it’s not easy to run your own Internet mail-server.

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ok thanks guys. I will see how it works out and report back.

Hey bro, if I have a dedicated email on gsuite, that is [email protected]. Is it possible to host other addresses on my server, like [email protected]?

Hi @tatagami,
Unfortunately this is not possible, though you can configure multiple MX records but the delivery will be attempted to only one of them.

You can look at this article for more information, but you still might have to pay for the second user in GSuite.


@rmjtechnologies, got it. The issue I am having is I need to have mail reach out to [email protected] which is on gsuite from a contact form on but you know all the delivery issues that comes with sending to gmail.

So trying to see the best way to resolve that.

Delete the mail domain on your server if it exists. Exim prefer to select local host before remote atm

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You can use the credentials of the GSuite account ([email protected]) itself to send emails to itself when someone submits the contact form or add Hestia server’s IP in SPF records and use email created in Hestia to send emails to GSuite account.

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Ya I figured that was the way to go. Thanks again.