Emails get spam or bounce

I have the emails well configured with all the records dkim, dmarc, etc.

They work correctly but sometimes they end up in spam or are rejected by the recipient.
Checking I see that all the ip’s of my machines (HETZNER) are in a blacklist called UCEPROTECTL3.

Has anyone had this problem or something similar?

Hey, yes I had similar problem. You can’t do much though. You can ask your provider assist in unblocking, but there must be other people misbehaving in your IP subnet


I contacted my provider and I told them if they could help me and it seems that they have cleaned the IP’s and the problem has been solved.
In fact, it should be forbidden for any anti-spam platform to put you on these lists without verifying that spam is being sent, since by doing so they harm companies that are working :angry:

Offcourse spammers are going to confirm that spam has been send from the server…

Hetzner reuse ips over and over so it is possible it has been used in the passed to spam and now the ip is issued to to you and you have the issues…

If you don’t want any issues with sending use an smtp relay to Amazon SES or any other 3rd party as they montior it more accurately and so on…

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