Emails not forwarding


I noticed “Forward to” another mail is not working when administered from hestiacp mail settings. (If “Discard all forwarded mail” is also checked, any received email is just lost.)

Nothing unusual in mail log, mail sending to the same address works without issues if sent from roundcube or smtp.

Difference from typical installation is that I run the domain from IP address different from primary server IP and have implemented workaround from Which works great and is needed to have correct rDNS for the server mail is sent from.


Could not reproduce.

I created a test email account [email protected] and configured it fom Hestia Web to forward email to another account on the same sever and also to a secondary email address on a remote server.
Then tested by sending a email from gmail + yahoo accounts and everything worked as expected, mail arrived on both forward destinations. (With or without “Discard all forward mail”)

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OMG. Found a problem. I must be blind as a bat. :slight_smile:
I didn’t notice hardcoded default IP address in a cron script from this topic.
Forwarding was using that “faked” IP. Thank you and I’m sorry for a false alarm.