Enable users to run Go webapps

I want users of my hestia instance to run Go webapps like Gitea,syncthing,etc.
Is it possible?It would also be great if clients can run webapps like https://posativ.org/isso/ (python).This also applies to other web frameworks in compiled langs like kore.io .
What i meant was to let clients do proxy_pass and other such things.

Basicly that could be possible. Hestia uses default components that can be adjusted to everything you need. So according to the docs of go webapps (https://gist.github.com/soheilhy/8b94347ff8336d971ad0) you would need to adjust proxy_pass. You could do that with a custom template under /usr/local/hestia/data/templates/web/nginx, but personaly I do not have any knowledge with Go Webapps.

Can you please explain me in detail.I am giving clients ssh access.They might setup Gitea,etc.They must be able to setup Gitea and reverse proxy without admin interference.
Also,I would be greatful if you provide example template.Thank you in advance

@anon32312274 Did you already checked out how Hestia works with the templates? Basicly you could copy the default template and adjust to whatever you want.