Enable wp only for app installer

i removed all the files except WordPress here: https://github.com/hestiacp/hestiacp/tree/b195452f713ede5cd7fd7afe53a3f7422676a49e/web/src/app/WebApp/Installers

but after the update removed apps are came back again any fix for this?

only want to give wp for app installer

Use a hook to de delete after each update …

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needs to create a sh file inside the hooks folder that removes the app folders?




folders_to_remove=("Drupal" "Grav" "MediaWiki" "Opencart" "DokuWiki" "Flarum" "Laravel" "Nextcloud" "Prestashop" "Symfony")

for folder in "${folders_to_remove[@]}"; do
    if [ -d "$folder_path" ]; then
        rm -r "$folder_path" > /dev/null 2>&1

this file will run after every update right ?

Right, just remember to made the file executable.

chmod +x /etc/hestiacp/hooks/post_install.sh
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Yes …

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