Enviar e-mails para o gmail

I would like to know how to better forward emails @domain.com to a gmail account

I edited the email domain and added the gmail email to Catchall.

any other suggestions for forwarding emails coming through the domain?

Operating System:
Debian 10.3 (x86_64)
Hestia Control Panel:


You probaly will never get this working proberly, due to the fact how mail and CatchAll is working.

One part would be failed spf entries (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sender_Policy_Framework) and on the other side, you would also forward possible spam mail, which would harm your mail reputation.

If you want to use a catch all, forward it to a local account.

@ScIT is absolutely right, catchall + forwarding is a death sentence to your mail reputation - avoid at all cost!

for gmail the solution is quite simple, receive your mails (catchall if you must) in a local inbox and use gmail to collect these mails via pop. it will still sort spam into spam, but not reject stuff, which would lead to backscatter etc.

you usually also can set up smtp for your mail-account in gmail to be able to answer/send out mails with the correct mail-address from your own domain then within gmail.

Thank you for the answer @falzo and @ScIT

I don’t know if I did something wrong, I am managing to send emails, not being able to receive new emails.

What did I do?

Released ports on hestiacp firewal for pop / smp to

I checked the entries in the cloudflare _dmarc, _domainkey, mail._domainkey and mail as it is in the hestiacp DNS

In Gmail
I connected a new gmail account using [email protected]

When an email is sent to validate the connection, the email does not arrive.
I try to send another email to [email protected] and it doesn’t arrive.
Forgot to do something?

hard to say from distance as it entirely depends on your setup, especially domain provider, dns-server etc.
sadly we can’t cover this here in terms of support, as this is most likely not hestia related and we expect you to be able to handle basic management/administration task on your own - like the way you would need to without hestia :wink:

however, before dealing with gmail, how about you setup your domain and a single mail account on your hestia server first. then use a local mail client or even the webmail to check if mail is working at all.
if not check the via one of the bigger online page that help with testing mail setups (mxtoolbox f.i.) …

only after you have your inbox running on your server start connecting it to gmail - I guess that way would make it more easy, esp. for troubleshooting :wink:

@falzo I’m testing directly through Roundcube

I have a long queue stopped at exim

[email protected]:~# exim -bp | exiqsumm

Count  Volume  Oldest  Newest  Domain
-----  ------  ------  ------  ------

    4    6144     22h     21h  XX.XX.XXX.XXX (Ip my Hos)
   58    55KB     16h      6h  fw.my-domain.com
   62    61KB     22h      6h  TOTAL

I think @falzo wrote already all, what also I could write:

here already all the superiors mentioned well, this is out of hestia. Please dont take it as we offending you. :slight_smile:

For your case, probably is DNS not pointing well to your MX. This cant help much with your common terms unless you provide exact domain name info to the people. MAKE SURE YOU NOT POSTING YOUR DOMAIN DNS INFO ON PUBLIC forums.

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Thanks for the support, I will look for more about the error.