ERPNEXT domain installation with hestia

Hello guys, i have hestia install on a Vps, running my main website and email as well, now i came accross this app call ERPNEXT which i installed on a separate VPS everything works good at this point, i am able to access erp through ip only, erpnext has a website module that i want to use as, the issue is hestia has everything attached to that domain, (current joomla website, and so ) so my question is how can i just point to erpnext vps ip so i can display the website with it? sorry i just quite confusing for me, so i though i better ask and get some directions, if someone has step by step guide, that will be awesome. thanks in advanced.

location / {
proxy_pass https://%ip%:8083;

with ip / port where the system is running on

can you please elaborate more on this? i download and changed corresponding ip port, upload to usr/local/hestia/data/templates/web/nginx, still not working, i am missing something here?

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