Error 404 when I try to view a website in Ghrome

404 error when I try to view a website in Ghrome

And it shows me the following error:

Page Not Found
Oops! We couldn’t find the page that you’re looking for.

Please check the address and try again.

Error Code: 404

404 points that the file doesn’t exists…

I know what a 404 error is, but what I don’t know is the reason why the web page appears with a secure connection and the text above.

The web does exist.

We dont have access to your system, so we cant debug the issue for you. If you want to have our help, you need to provide us as much relevant logs and details as possible. Currently you basicly wrote “cant get file, 404”, which isnt even enough to start.

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I see the web perfectly with the browsers, Firefox and Internet Explorer, but with Ghrome it comes out as a welcome page.

What do you need to help me?

This sounds more like a client issue due to caching instead something else, try incognito mode - this isnt related to hestia.

True, I have reinstalled Ghrome, and everything is back to normal.

A pity that such a used browser sometimes has problems.

Thanks for your help, if it happens again I will simply reinstall the browser.


same problem, i try to fixed. but too tired. i not professional developer. can you fixed my issue. i am using WP.